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deleteC All Rights Reserved.

deleteC will create a system
that anyone can participate in
to support cancer treatment research.

And, this project contributes to making Cancer "a Curable Disease" as soon as possible.

​What is deleteC?

​What we proudly say


deleteC started with that simple and strong wish.

In Japan, every year, more than one million people are diagnosed with cancer, and 370,000 people die from cancer. 

It is said that one in two people gets cancer in their lifetime.

What we can do?

Honestly, we feel helpless before this reality.


But we absolutely did NOT WANT TO GIVE UP.

Cancer treatment research is ongoing.

Each of those studies is a seed of hope.

As research progresses, the day when cancer will be a  curable, will come closer.

So we decided to continue to "support" cancer treatment research as we can.

deleteC connects individuals, companies, and people from various positions who have not been involved in the issue of cancer in the past, and creates a system that allows anyone to participate and support cancer treatment research.

We believe that as the circle of support has expanded and the power has become so powerful, we will be able to pursue a new future of “making cancer a cure”.

deleteC Founders

Nao Nakajima, Shiro Oguni, Yoko Nagai

​Our supporters