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The project aims to make cancer a curable disease.

The project “Make Cancer a Curable Disease” enables everyone to act together unlike anything that has ever been done before.


“deleteC” symbolizes our collective hope to delete “Cancer” and “Make Cancer A Curable Disease”.  It gives hope to patients and encourages them not to give up.


When a partnering company’s “deleteC” product is purchased, a portion of the sales is automatically donated to clinical researches for cancer treatment.


This may sound like a crazy idea, but we believe that we can make this a reality, and make cancer a curable disease as quickly as possible.


Together, we can build a brighter future!





“I am having a hard time finding a cancer drug that works for me.” This cry for help is heard among far too many cancer patients in Japan.


As of today, over 100 cancer drugs used overseas are still not approved in this country.  For this reason, many patients do not have access to treatment options that exist overseas.

Number of clinical trials for cancer drugs conducted in 2018
Clinical trial is one of the measures to get these drugs approved. Trials prove the effectiveness of the drugs. With more cancer drugs are approved in Japan, patients will have access to more treatment.
“deleteC” aims to utilize our collected funds to support clinical trials and offer hope for cancer patients.
Many cancer drugs are still not approved in Japan


For corporates:

There are three ways to participate in the project.

1. Add the logo “deleteC” onto your existing products

2. Delete “C” from the brand logo or names of existing products.

3. Develop an original “deleteC” product

For Individuals:

You can support the project by simply purchasing a collaborated product with deleted “C”.

This will help our partnering companies, and a portion of the sales will be donated to deleteC to support researches for cancer treatment.

We also accept direct donations (There is no tax advantage).


The following four types of approaches are currently under study.

1. Donation to clinical trials or researches for cancer


deleteC will work with a third-party review committee from the opinion readers of oncology to select suitable clinical trials for donation.

We will host pitch contests where candidates are given the opportunity to present their clinical trial proposals for cancer treatment.

The committee will consist of cancer specialists, cancer patients, and contributors.  We will disclose a selection of criteria and will review in a transparent manner. By introducing the latest technologies and knowledge, we will outline the future of cancer treatment together.

2. Support educational programs for clinical trial specialists


It is not uncommon for clinicians to conduct clinical trials in addition to routine practice. Operating a clinical trial requires good experience and leadership skills to collaborate with multiple universities and companies, as well as manage large amount of data. We will support clinical trial workshops and trainings offered to the next generation of young doctors in Japan.


3. Create content to activate research on cancer treatment  


Japan has a shortage of “oncologists”, whose works need to be known by the media and public.  We will draw greater attention and bring greater awareness and understanding to these oncologists through our engaging contents.


4. Support for ongoing operation of deleteC


DeleteC is planning to conduct charity events (as music festival, gifts shop event, as well as pitch talks of candidates of nomination). We will host deleteC projects regularly and will establish a “corporation” to manage collected donations appropriately. We will also provide financially aid to our dedicated non-paid volunteers.  We believe in the importance of compensating dedicated members for what they do for deleteC, in order to continue moving towards our goals together. 


 ※DeleteC will disclose the amount of money and usage clearly and pursue transparency.


Nao Nakashima

CEO and Designer of Naokakeru Inc.

Born in 1982.

2014 Suffered from breast cancer at the age of 31.

2016 Progressed to stage 4.

2017 Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University Graduate School.

Currently, while continuing the treatments,  she is working on "Designing cancer" through her own experience. Her representative work is "N HEAD WEAR" that delivers the message of “You can enjoy your life whether you have hair or not”.

Yoko Nagai

CTO and Director of Varinos Inc.

Born in 1984.

2017 Suffered from cervical cancer at the age of 33.

2011 Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

2011 Post-doctoral researcher of AIST.

2013 Encouraged Researcher of Tokai University Faculty of Medicine.

2014 Joined Illumina Inc.

2017 Founded Varinos Inc., CTO. Researcher of National Center for Child Health and Development.

Shiro Oguni

Planner Director

Representative Director of Shiro Oguni office.

Born in 1979.

2003 Entered NHK.

He has created "Professor My Style (Smartphone Application)" and "NHK 1.5 Channel (Social media video service)". Founder of "a restaurant that allows making mistakes on order-taking". After leaving NHK in July 2018, he joined us.



Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries on deleteC or requests for interviews.